General Features:

  • Machines are electro-pneumatically operated, required power supply: 440 V ±5%, 3 Phase, 50 Hz and air supply at 7 Kg/cm².

  • Pouches are formed out of thermo sealable wrapping film LDPE, Laminated or Aluminum foil to be arranged by customer

  • Pouches can be either Pillow or Gusseted type with Lap / Fin seal
  • Perforation system for chain of pouches can be provided

  • Handle / Hole cut Punching Device can be provided if the wrapping film strength / quality is adequate to withstand

  • Continuous or Impulse sealing can be provided based on the type/quality of wrapping film

Salient Features:

  • Operator friendly controls with PLC and HMI for various levels of operations with total flexibility

  • Easy settings for changeover parameters with stored menu

  • Pneumatically operated Longitudinal & Horizontal Seal Jaws

  • Motorized film unwinding system

  • Product contact parts made out of Stainless Steel AISI 304 grade, with Powder coated structure and attached fully enclosed cabinet for electrical control panel.

  • Provision for pouch width changes

  • Provision if subsequently required for modification of sealing system between continuous & impulse sealing

Optional Arrangements at extra cost:

  • Batch Coding Device

  • Static Charge Eliminator

  • Change over parts for additional ranges

  • Nitrogen Flushing System

Required Accessories to be procured by Customer:

  • Double stage Reciprocating type Air Compressor

  • Servo Stabilizer, 3 Phase

  • If the sealing system is impulse:

    • Water Cooler 8-10º C with 150 Lts. Capacity
    • Booster Pump (Tulu 50), Tank (Sintex 50 Lts.) and Interconnecting Pipelines

  • Screw Conveyer for Auger Filler, Bucket/Belt Conveyer for Cup Filler to convey product to machine’s over head hopper